Port-au-Prince, December 3, 2019

The Agricultural and Environmental Commission (CAEC) of the Connection Frame Inter-Organisations
(CLIO) has been aware of the current discussions about the food situation in the country and of the
provisions being taken by humanitarian actors as a result. In this regard the Commission is urging the
actors to use non-detrimental strategies geared at development gains. In other words, aimed at local
agrarian production, and at the efforts of the farmers to sell their produce at the main markets of the
country in spite of the road blocks and the rising costs of transportation.

With the winter season approaching, the Commission is launching an appeal on behalf of the farmers to
ensure that they will receive support at obtaining appropriate seeds, agrarian tools and funds that will
allow them to plant crops, thus ensuring them the production of local food during the coming months.
This appeal also includes the support of those local actors who offer agrarian services and input in order
that they can continue to do so.

The Commission is also recognizing the efforts of the Madan Sarah (most valiant women) who have
been confronting great dangers in order to continue providing the markets of the country with agrarian
products of all kinds, despite the road blocks. The Commission is urging the humanitarian actors to also
consider the plight of these market women, most of whom have lost a lot of capital because they lost
their stock.

The Commission is congratulating the organisations that have decided to buy, as much as possible,
locally produced food stock for distribution. The Commission is encouraging these organisations to
continue in this direction and is inviting them to invest also in support of the circulation of these food
products: from regions where they are grown to regions where they are needed.
Aware of the importance to assist the most vulnerable people in their need of food support, the
Commission wants to draw attention to the fact that only a national agrarian production can help Haiti
to improve in a sustainable way the food and nutrition of its people and gradually leave the vicious circle
of food support.

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Port-au-Prince, December 3, 2019

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