On this page you will find the most important subjects currently dealt with by the Coordination Europe-Haiti.

Each topic includes an overview of the situation in Haiti and the response of the European Union. In addition we present the advocacy activities of the CoEH on this subject. Also, there are documents and reports available from Haitian organizations.

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Interesting links

Monday November 7, 2022: Virginie Pochon, co-founder of GAFE Haiti and GAFE France, has written an excellent analysis of the current situation in Haiti. Click here for the link to the analysis (in French).

Monday October 31, 2022: Colette Lespinasse, CoEH representative in Haiti, has been interviewed by the German magazine Welt-sichten. Click here for the link to the article (in German).

Friday October 28, 2022: Els Hortensius, member of the CoPil, has been interviewed by Dutch national radio about the situation in Haïti. Click here for the link to the interview (in Dutch).

Thursday October 6, 2022: On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the respect for human rights in Haiti. Click here for the link to the resolution.

Plate-forme Haiti de Suisse
This organisation has interesting information and newsletters about the latest news from haiti.
Visit their website to read more >

Collectif Haïti de France
CHF is sharing interesting information (only in French) on their website, where you can also subscribe to their newsletter:

Monday August 15, 2022: Frédéric Thomas, researcher at CETRI (Belgium) has written an interesting article about the OAS in Haiti. Here you will find the link to the article (in French).

Friday July 22, 2022 : Ornella Braceschi, president of the Collectif Haïti de France, has been interviewed by TV5 Monde, about the difficult situation in Haïti. She also presented a housing reconstruction project in the South of Haiti. Here you will find the link to the interview (in French).


Interesting documents

In October 2022 CRAN released a document about the current crisis in Haiti (in Creole and in French).

CRAN et CE-JILAP sur la constitution (in French and Creole) June 2021

2020-02-10 Consultaton de la Société Civile Haïtienne_28 janvier (only in French)

Declaration for an agrarian policy in Haiti – FULL TEXT (11 October 2017)