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The network expands 

 Dear reader,

While in Haiti a new government is taking shape and presents its policies, the Coordination Europe-Haiti continues its work to give a voice to Haitian civil society vis-à-vis the European Union.

The platform continues to grow. At the end of 2016 the Belgian NGO Geomoun became member of the platform. Geomoun is an NGO active in Haiti and Belgium working since 2000 on development cooperation projects. Geomoun favors actions that are part of a long-term vision, aiming at sustainable improvement of living conditions in the following areas: education, vocational training and access to employment; child protection, health, nutrition, hygiene, medical care and psycho-social monitoring of the most disadvantaged children.

In the last General Assembly (March 2017) Belgian NGO Protos was welcomed as new member of our platform. Protos works in drinking water, hygiene, sanitation, water for agriculture and integrated water resource management. In Haiti, Protos supports programmes in the municipality of Belladère and the catchment of River Moustique (Port de Paix).  Programs include infrastructure as well as reinforcement of involved actors and advocacy.

Our new liaison in Haïti, Colette Lespinasse, has visited Brussels in March. She presented herself to all members of the platform. Together with the Steering Committee, Colette visited the European Parliament, the European External Action Service and the European Commission. The tour served for Colette to get better acquainted with the functioning of the EU institutions, also in relation to development in Haiti.

Currently, Colette and the Steering Group, together with CoEH partners in Haiti, are working towards a more specific position on agriculture and family farming in Haiti. The position will serve our advocacy towards the EU institutions in Brussels and the EU Delegation in Port-au-Prince. We will keep you posted.

On behalf of the CoEH,

Evert-Jan Brouwer, coordinator

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