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New representative in Haiti 


Dear reader,

We herewith gladly share with you the latest news of the Coordination Europe-Haiti.

Since January 2017 Coordination Europe-Haiti’s representative is Colette LESPINASSE, a well-known Haitian for many of you who are engaged with civil society in Haiti. Colette has been very active in the area of journalism, media, local NGOs and human rights. For several years she has also been the director of Groupement d’Appui aux Rapatriés et Réfugiés (GARR). We are confident that Colette will play an important role in liaising between our work as CoEH in Brussels and the work of our partners in Haiti. Colette will come to Brussels to attend our General Assembly on 22 March.

Joris WILLEMS, who worked tirelessly as a consultant for the CoEH in the past four years, has returned to Belgium, where he will continue his work on his PhD thesis. We want to thank Joris for all the work he has done and for his commitment to the mission and vision of CoEH.

As mentioned, our next General Assembly will take place on Wednesday 22 March in Brussels. Apart from Colette, we will also have Pierre ESPÉRANCE from RNDDH as our guest. We will invite representatives from the European Commission and the European External Action Service for an exchange with our members about the latest trends and developments in Haiti.

On our website, you will find new contributions on the media page. The first one is an overview of the work of CoEH members and their partners in response to Hurricane Matthew. Thanks to Els Hortensius, member of our Steering Committee, and to all members who provided her with the latest information. The second article comes from Collectif Haiti de France. It analyses the potential of a number of agri-value chains.

We would like to invite all readers of this newsletter to share interesting articles and reports with us. We are happy to share them via our website.

Sincerely yours,

Evert-Jan Brouwer, coordinator



Wednesday 22 March: General Assembly, venue: Broederlijk Delen, Brussels


Latest articles

[:en]Response CoEH members to hurricane MatthewLes membres de la CoEH et leur réponse au cyclone Matthew

Response CoEH members to hurricane Matthew

Without pretending to be complete, this article presents a brief overview of the programmes supported by our members in response to hurricane Matthew. We hope the information will be of help to members and Haitian organisations alike.

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[:en]Is the agrarian sector on the right path?Les filières filent-elles un bon coton?

Is the agrarian sector on the right path?

In their monthly newsletter, COEH's member organisation Collectif Haïti de France published an interesting analysis of the different agrarian sectors in Haiti. From pigs to coffee, sugar and fruit. What is the importance of each sector for the Haitian economy, how are they organized and what projects are being implemented to improve the yield? To find out, please read the article.

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